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Tom Hardy Brings The Badass In These Two Clips From LAWLESS!

Nordling here.

You know what sucks about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES?  I'll say it flat out.  We have an amazing actor in Tom Hardy; he's intense, has a great emotional range, and a real physical presence onscreen.  And TDKR has this terrific actor with a mask on, blocking off the audience from almost all of his emotions.  Now, Hardy can put it in the eyes, and for TDKR that may well be enough; I haven't seen it.  It's just an issue I have with the footage I've seen so far.

Now in John Hillcoat's LAWLESS?  We get Tom Hardy in all his glory, and I am seriously stoked to see him face off with other greats like Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman.  For now, though, we have these two clips - one where Hardy and Pearce size each other up:

And in the other, Hardy lays down a little brotherly advice to Shia LeBeouf:

LAWLESS opens this August.  Lock and load.

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