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So Orson Scott Card Visited The Set Of The ENDER'S GAME Movie...


Rhino Times has posted a very interesting piece from author Orson Scott Card.

The article begins with his thoughts on Joss Whedon's AVENGERS film, but segues towards Card's recent set visit to the now-in-production adaptation of his ENDER'S GAME book.

A few choice quotelets...


I was on the set of Ender's Game last week to record my one line in the movie – a voiceover of a pilot making an announcement to his passengers.


The scene does not come from the book – very few of the scenes in this movie do – so it was amusing when others asked me how it felt to have my book brought to life. My book was already alive in the mind of every reader. This is writer-director Gavin Hood's movie, so they were his words, and it was his scene.


Regarding Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield's performances as Colonel Graff and Ender Wiggin (respectively)...

...they were superb. Film acting, especially in closeup, is not about facial expressions. It's about what's going on behind the actors' eyes. And it's about timing.


...the less they did, the better the scene became. What mattered was the timing – when Ford put his hand on Butterfield's shoulder, how long it took Butterfield to glance at the hand, how long before he looked away and when the hand was withdrawn.

Card continues to discuss the complex wirework rigging necessary to realize Battle Room sequences, the overall appearance of the picture's sets, and evaluates Ford and Butterfield's work in far greater detail.  'Tis a very interesting piece...check it out HERE!  

ENDER'S GAME is due in theaters November 2013.  Boborci's production blog, now featuring a picture of boborci, is online and regularly updated HERE.

Thanks to AICN reader Greg for the heads up about this!  




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