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McGoohan and McQuarrie teamup to free THE PRISONER from years of darkness.

This news was received from several sources by Father Geek this morning. This report was the most complete and it found its way to Geek Headquarters from foggy London...

For his first totally kickass project at Universal Studios since moving his production company from the Disney lot in September, Barry (The Sixth Sense) Mendel has committed to be the producer of ``The Prisoner'' with Oscar-winning screenwriter Chris (The Usual Suspects,X-Men) McQuarrie onboard to write the trippie screenplay.

Director Simon (The General's Daughter) West is attached to take charge of the direction of the motion picture, which will be designed after the popular 1960s cult British TV series ``The Prisoner'' that had been created by Patrick McGoohan.

McGoohan, who starred as the iconic, constantly fucked with, prisoner in the original series, will serve as the project's co-executive producer along with West. Hopefully the original's mindgames will be left intact.

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