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John Ary here with a a quick video review of the female equivalent of The Expendables. What happens when some of the biggest stars of the chick flick genre (and Chris Rock) get together to make a summer movie? Instead of explosions, fist fights and dumb one-liners you get tears, cute babies and broad sitcom humor. I really liked The Expendables and totally acknowledge that it's a dumb movie with stuff that blows up good aimed squarely at men. Does What to Expect When You are Expecting do the same for the ladies and their romantic comedies?



I forgot to mention in the video review how much Ben Falcone kicked ass. Even though the film is centered mostly on it's female stars, Falcone steals the show as Elizabeth Banks' doting husband. He elevates the sitcomm-ish humor of his scenes with nice character work and makes the actors around him seem less cartoonish. Well done sir.


JLo, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Banks, Anna Kendrick and the rest of the gang deliver the movie to a theater near you on Friday (sorry for the aweful pun).

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