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AICN COMICS EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Check out this exclusive preview of NIGHTWING #9 in stores this Wednesday!!!

Hey folks, Ambush Bug with an exclusive preview of NIGHTWING #9, a part of DC’s mini-crossover between the Bat-books NIGHT OF THE OWLS coming out this Wednesday to a comic shop near you. So far, under the guidance of Scott Snyder’s flagship title BATMAN, NIGHT OF THE OWLS has been both scary as hell and action packed. Here are the first few pages of issue #9 of NIGHTWING showing how Dick Grayson is dealing with the Court of Owls and their unkillable warriors the Talons as they attempt to take out the most important people in Gotham City! The book is written by Kyle Higgins with art by Eddy Barrows! Enjoy the sneak peek of NIGHTWING #9 and look for the whole issue this Wednesday!


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