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Here are the winners of the Cabin in the Woods books!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here (finally) with the winners of the big Titan Books Cabin in the Woods contest where copies of the novelization and the “visual companion” aka the script and a ton of awesome behind the scenes shots: the book.



To win, I asked readers to prove their talent at horror trivia via my Twitter page or provide their concept art for a monster that could have appeared in the universe created by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.

The Twitter winners were Andrew Gaughen, Michael Stromenger and Scott Gordon for knowing obscure dialogue from films like Sleepaway Camp. Congrats guys!

The remaining two winners were pulled from around 30 entries. I got some clever entries, like Adam Cray’s killer Santa or Tanner Johnsrud’s who sent a blank email saying it was The Invisible Man, but while funny they didn’t quite make the cut. Most of what I was sent was great, but it came down to these two winners (check out the runner-ups after). Click 'em to enlargen!

My favorite of the entries was this undead Native American nightmare from Stephen Andrade who goes so far as to include the artifact that would activate this monster. You can’t go wrong with bloody-eyed undead Indians as far as I’m concerned.




The other big winner is this intestine monster from Neil Cook (check out his website here). I’m a sucker for multiple eyed, two-headed gut-spewing monsters, what can I say? Isn’t everybody?



Congrats, guys! Good work!

Now here are some runner-ups that I like:

First is Andy Hunter’s Alien Film Crew! I’ve seen some crews that aren’t too far off from this…



Next up is Ellery Van Dooyeweert’s creepy tentacled-footed kid with a bowlcut. There was a lack of children-related horror coming out of those elevators, now that I think of it.



This next little guy is another one that didn’t pop up in Cabin… toy related horror. No resurrected dolls, but Richard Chapman came up with this killer sock monkey named Tony Killionaire:



This creature, called “Magic Mushroom” by Joan Silsby is just straight up creepy:



I believe we glimpsed some robot horrors in the movie, but not straight up cyborgs, so Alex Garcia’s “Mechanical Shootist” deserves a little love:



Anna Capaldi’s entry was really well drawn, but we did get some spider-horror in the flick, so it didn’t make the final cut. But it’s a nice drawring. Check it out:



Caleb Paterik sent in this one, which is very inventive.



Finally here’s a couple of my favorite things mashed together. Behold John Sloboda’s Sharclops!



Thanks to everybody who entered and a big thanks to Titan for giving over these books for the contest!

-Eric Vespe
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