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Spider-Man Is In THE AVENGERS!! Well, He's In This AVENGERS, At Least!!

Merrick here...

Not long ago, Axel Braun brought forth an XXX rated parody of STAR WARS - the teaser for which (along with one of AICN's most entertaining Talkbacks of all time) can be found HERE.  

Now, Axel's back...this time focusing his bizarre brand of porny parody to THE AVENGERS.  Say what you will about this undertaking as a whole, but two elements stand out in this SUITABLE FOR WORK trailer:  1)  Lexington Steele very probably will make a better Nick Fury than Hasselhoff...

...and 2) that last shot of Spider-Man has more chutzpah than anything we've seen thus far from the forthcoming AMAZING SPIDER-MAN picture.  





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