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Marvel Re-Assembles THE AVENGERS For A Quickie One-Night Re-Shoot?

Beaks here...

Robert Downey Jr. threw junketeers for a loop Thursday afternoon when he let slip that The Avengers would be convening later that very evening to shoot one last scene for the film. This, of course, was ludicrous. They'd just held the premiere the night before, and we all saw what we assumed to be the film's "stinger". Even though the quick turnaround is entirely possible in today's digital wonderland, surely this was just Downey being silly.

Nope. Though director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios honcho Kevin Feige were quick to call bullshit on Downey's statement, multiple sources - including an unabashedly on-the-record Mark Ruffalo - quickly confirmed that the one-night shoot was scheduled, and that the scene in question would turn up at the very, very end of THE AVENGERS. As for what happens in said scene, I wouldn't expect it to be a major reveal. This will be more of a curtain call. 

Unless Marvel is trying to break some kind of Guinness World Record, I doubt this scene will be seen at the fan screenings this weekend. Since I'm not allowed to officially review the movie yet, feel free to check out my tweets from Wednesday night. They're non-spoilery and quite positive.

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