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Updated: AIN'T IT COOL with Harry Knowles: Episode 2... Now in stunning 720p!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  Well this week's episode is very nearly double the length of last week's - AND - that was with Easter Weekend causing the FX side to end going down to the wire.   Literally the last FX shot got dropped in around midnight last night.   WHEW!   But our mighty FX artist wrapped it up magnificently..   I'm headed to set to attempt to shoot two in a single day.  Gulp.   Don't expect the same things from last week, on AIN'T IT COOL with Harry Knowles - we'll be changing things up from episode to episode.  Frankly, I'm just having the most fun doing this - and if anything, I'm teaching myself how to play in a new medium (for me).   I hope you enjoy and if you do, share the show with your friends.  The better this does, the more income it generates for the site, the more income the site has the faster we can do some of the wondrous things you want Ain't It Cool News to be doing.  Now, on with the show..


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