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Universal Is Digging Up THE MUMMY Again!!

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A lot of money was made by Universal Pictures with their original revival of THE MUMMY series, as led by Stephen Sommers and then taken over by Rob Cohen. Therefore, it only makes sense for them to dust off the franchise and send it into reboot territory to see if there's still some life left.

Jon Spaihts has landed the job of writing the new MUMMY, according to Variety, and, if his name sounds awfully familiar to you, it should. You'll be hearing a lot of it once PROMETHEUS comes out, as he co-wrote the script with Damon Lindelof. He also wrote last year's THE DARKEST HOUR, which was described to me as "incredibly stupid," but, if PROMETHEUS winds up being anywhere near as good as it looks, perhaps that speaks well about the future of THE MUMMY.

The first movie was a lot of fun back when it was released, but there's no word on if that type of action-adventure tone will be used once again for the reboot, or the plan is to get back to basics and using THE MUMMY as one of Universal's classic monsters. 


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