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James Cameron is meeting with Aliens in the Abyss... minus the Russian Water Tentacle!

Oh - and the Aliens.

Hey folks, Harry here... At 5:52p.m. ET, James Cameron reached the deepest crevice of the ocean floor. And he tweeted this from there:

That's 35,756 feet down.  10,898 meters down.  In the bottom of the Mariana Trench.   Upon reaching the spot, he wrote, "All systems OK."

Cameron is only the 3rd person in the history of Planet Earth to do this - and the only one to do it SOLO!  The last time this was done was in 1960.  The technological leaps we've done in the 52 years since this was last done are enormous - and Cameron in his "vertical torpedo" is gathering information, filming and taking specimens.  

The next thing Jim is gonna do is rendevous with the Tardis sized "lander" they sent down that has chemical agents meant to bait the creatures of the depth to it.  

To me - this is why James Cameron is the modern badass human!  He doesn't need to be doing this.  He's doing this because somebody has to and he has the drive.  I'm also curious to see how this experience influences his submersible parts of AVATAR 2 which we've heard will involve something of the depths of that far off fictional planet. 

However, before we get that film - we'll most likely see the results of this rather spectacular expedition.  Now to change the Harry Animation to something appropriate!  Click here to read more!!!


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