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Boborci Has Himself An ENDER'S GAME Production Blog!!


Merrick here...

Roberto Orci, known 'round here as Talkbacker Boborci from STAR TREK, TRANSFORMERS, COWBOYS & ALIENS, and FRINGE, has moved into production on ENDER'S GAME (on which he's a producer).  Gavin Hood, of X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE is directing from his own script, which is an adaptation of Orson Scott Card's legendary novel of the same name.  Asa Butterfiled, the kid from HUGO, will star as the title character, alongside Abigail Breslin, Harrison Ford, and Ben Kingsley (with whom Butterfiled worked in HUGO).  

Orci has now opened a blog about the picture's production.  He's evidently managing the blog, which will likely feature guest appearances from cast and crew as filming progresses.  Said blog can be found HERE.  

This is a fun idea and I can see it working nicely.  I hope, however, that this blog will not distract Boborci from sweeping into the Talkbacks to roll heads and lob nuclear grenades whenever he's in the mood to do so.  In one of his recent appearances, an intrepid Talkbacker summoned 'Boborci' by typing that screenname in the subject line of a Talkback three times in a row.  I'll leave it to y'all to try that one again.  

Unless I've missed something along the way, ENDER'S GAME is due in theaters almost exactly one year from now - March 2013.  


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