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Apparently, over the weekend, a trailer for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: BLOOD AND CHROME was screened at Wondercon (details HERE).  

From what I've heard of the trailer...which is cut to "Immigrant Song" and styled after the famously awesome GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO promo...the embed below represents the same material screened at that convention.  

BLOOD & CHROME is set in the years preceding the famously revamped BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series from Ron Moore and David Eick, chronicling the adventures of young William Adama (played by Edward James Olmos in the recent series - but portrayed by Luke Pasqualino here) during the Cylon War.  Fans of BG may recall that the Cylon War was a significant back story component for that series. B&C has been characterized as much more of a "war" and "action" series than its progenitor/ assertion apparently borne out by the pacing and content of this trailer.  

BLOOD & CHROME has been said to utilize a significantly different production model from BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, employing a staggering array of virtual sets and environments as opposed to physically constructing costly locations (details HERE).  The results?  See for yourself below...but keep in mind that much of the physicality surrounding the actors here isn't even real.  

Pretty great as far as I'm concerned.  I want to see more NOW!  




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