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James Bond shooting in Turkey... on top of a train... fighting...

Hey folks, Harry here...   My nephew is currently studying Turkish at school, at age 11, and as I look at this CNN TURKEY video - I find myself disappointed that I can't really understand a lick of what is being said, but can't wait to show my nephew tomorrow when he comes over for his weekly tutoring sessions.   But I'm pretty sure they're talking about James Bond shooting in Turkey.   But that's a wild guess on my part.   At the very least we can suppose that Daniel Craig is most likely going to have train trouble.   Bond never has a nice easy safe train trip.   But it can't be tougher than having Quint beating the fuck out of you in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE....  which was in Turkey too!   Anyway, here's the report from TURKEY CNN

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Hi Harry, I'm Kemal, a long time fan of your site. I've just saw the news about Skyfall and that you didn't understand what being said (naturally). This was a nice and funny news today in Turkey. The set of Skyfall was in the main train station in Adana city. The set had high security and guards were everywhere but a high school student borrowed (!) a train worker's dress, got into station, crawled under the vagons and shot the whole action sequence. But he got out from where he's hiding to get a more clear picture. Then he was caught by the guards. Fortunately he hid his phone to his pants (which he shot the seq) so guards couldn't find the recording device on him. So here it is. First video from Skyfall, from a curious Turkish high school lad:)

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