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PROMETHEUS Has Landed With A Quick New Trailer!!!

The Kidd here...

We're all set to get a brand new trailer for PROMETHEUS later today accompanying a Q&A with director Ridley Scott and producer Damon Lindelof courtesy of AMC Theatres and 20th Century Fox, but, for those of you who have been dying to see more of the film, why wait that long? has somehow managed to get a 1 minute and 11 second trailer cut that very well may show different footage than what Fox is planning to show us, which should clock in at about 2 ½ minutes. It's a lot of quick bursts of really excellent looking footage that will still manage to maintain a lot of the mystery surrounding the film, I'm sure there is at least one "Holy shit!" moment awaiting you...

See for yourself...


-Billy Donnelly

"The Infamous Billy The Kidd"

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