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Is This Piping-Hot
Blonde Actress The Next
DOCTOR WHO Companion??

I am – Hercules!!

Bleeding Cool is making the argument that the BBC may be about to announce Sophia Myles – ex-girlfriend of former “Who” star David Tennant – will play the next “Who” companion.

Myles, who played a guest role in the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace,” was the female lead in CBS’ short-lived Vampire drama “Moonlight” and played Erika in the “Underworld” vampire movies. She also played Lucy Westenra in the 2006 TV Movie “Dracula.”

Her other big-screen credits include “Mansfield Park,” “From Hell,” “Thunderbirds” and “Tristan + Isolde.”

I say Myles is too big a deal to play s “Who” companion for any length of time, but I’m willing to entertain the theory just for the opportunity to stare at her:

Find Bleeding Cool’s conjecture here.

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