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Joss Whedon Reiterates No Skrulls, No Kree In THE AVENGERS!!!

The Kidd here...

Oh, the power of Twitter and how quickly it can spread information...

A Conversation With Joss Whedon is currently happening at SXSW, and already there are some pretty firm statements coming from the panel regarding THE AVENGERS. There's been plenty of speculation as to what other creatures/aliens are coming along with Loki, as seen in the trailers, in order for the Avengers to be called upon to assemble. Popular theory continues to insist that the Skrulls are a part of the action, as recent board games tied into THE AVENGERS showed characters that looked pretty similar to the villainous extraterrestrials. Marvel Studios’President of Production Kevin Feigehas adapted the strategy of "deny, deny, deny" when asked about the Skrulls involvement, saying there are no Skrulls in THE AVENGERS, nor is there any set-up for the Kree-Skrull war.  

From his SXSW panel, director Joss Whedon has now jumped into the fray as well, issuing another strong statement that there will be no Skrulls and no Kree in THE AVENGERS. 

SXSW attendee French Toast tweeted in the following report:

I'm at the Whedon panel - he just said who the bad guys aren't for Avengers - then said "oh shouldn't have said that." Kree and Skrulls... they aren't the bad guys.

I have a hard time thinking that Feige and Whedon are lying to us through all of this, especially if their "secret" had been found out. At that point, there's no reason to keep trying to hide something that isn't hidden anymore. So, if there are no Skrulls, and, with that, no Kree, fire up the rumor mill once more as to what those aliens in THE AVENGERS will turn out to be...


-Billy Donnelly

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