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Is Universal Back To Making A OUIJA Movie? Y-E-S!!

The Kidd here...

First off, I'm well aware of the placement of "Yes" and "No" answers on a OUIJA board, but they don't work well for headlines that involve the typical spelling involved with contacting the spirits, so, for the sake of this article, just assume the one who aided in my writing here is very thorough. 

Remember that sigh of relief you let out months ago when you heard Universal wasn't moving ahead with plans to do a film based around the concept of a Ouija board as directed by McG...? Well, you're going to have to take it back, because things are back on again with Universal taking the Hasbro project back once more and setting it up for a 2013 release... only this time, no McG.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that the flick, which had its plug pulled due to budgetary concerns, has been retooled to an extent, keeping Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form of Platinum Dunes on as producers, but also adding Jason Blum to the mix. 

Blum has made his mark keeping budgets extremely low on films that then turned around and had huge box office returns (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS), so it's pretty safe to say that OUIJA won't be as special effects-heavy as it was originally conceived. That makes it far less of a risk for the studio to take and a definite reason why Universal hopped back into bed with this concept. 

No new director or writer has been named as of yet.


-Billy Donnelly

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