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Some Amazing And Rare Behind The Scenes Shots From The Original STAR TREK Series!!


Merrick here...

I found the following on Robert Meyer Burnett's Facebook page.  Burnett was, by the way, two days away from filming his sequel to FREE ENTERPRISE - subtitled THE WRATH OF SHATNER - when financing for the project imploded.  If you've never seen the progenitor picture, it's available on Netflix or HERE on Amazon and its charming as hell.  In all probability, if you're reading this article, you'll find at least a bit of yourself in FREE ENTERPRISE and should definitely take a look.  And its sequel?  Want.  Need.  For the love of God, someone make it happen.  

A scene from the first movie...


But all of this is digression . On his Facebook profile, Burnett  linked out to a piece at io9.  io9, it seems, pointed to the Flicker stream of "Bird of the Galaxy" (Tom Redlaw), who has amassed a formidable collection of behind the scenes images from the original STAR TREK television series.  

Most (if not all) of these images are rare, a few of them I've chanced across previously but not frequently, and some of them I've never, ever before seen.  And they are, if you'll excuse the term, fascinating.  Here's a sampling...



Unused transporter effect.  Would LOVE to see this in motion. 



Tholian from "The Tholian Web" - sans distortion and background.  


The same Tholian, with (foil) background and lighted eyes now in place. 


Khan's Botany Bay beside Enterprise...


There are many more shots  - like this Balok on a Stick...

...which is kinda like Sausage on a Stick, but First Federationier.  This is a prop from "The Corbomite Maneuver." 

You can check out all of these, and more, HERE.  These BTS shots are  amazing and magical if you're as hopelessly in love with the original TREK series as I am.   Even if you're just a casual fan, there's some tremendously interesting and insightful stuff to peruse.  Take a look.  


While I'm at it, here's an unrelated video demonstrating how Transporter effects are created.  interesting.  


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