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Did the Coen Brothers Kill A Cow With A Speeding Car For OH BROTHER WHERE ART THOU'

Hey folks, the PCP (penguin caffienated peppermints) and the scent of jasmine has begun to wear off and suddenly I find myself back at home. I'm looking up at Father Geek and saying, "But it was a truly real place. And Moriarty was there and Viagra was there. And this beautiful blue-eyed ebony goddess and Robin Tunney and Mini-me and even that man.... Jack Valenti." Father Geek doesn't seem to believe me. Dabbing my forehead with a wet rag and feeding me these small squares of paper. What are these things? Whatever they are, I bet the AHS rep that saw OH BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? was on a few. But then... I haven't seen this footage. The folks at Digital Domain are getting quite the kick out of it. Heh... Coooool. Read for yourself....

From the annals of great back-handed compliments: yesterday, Joel and Ethan Coen's new film, "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" was screened for Disney executives. In attendance was a representative of the American Humane Society who inquired about a particular shot where a cow was hit by a car. The AHS rep was told that in fact the cow was digitally created. The shot was so convincing the rep refused to believe what she had seen could be anything but real. In fact, she looked at the shot 10 times.

In order for the filmmakers to be allowed to include the statement, "no animals were injured during the making of this film..." Digital Domain, the company that created the visual effects for the film, and the shot in question, will have to authenticate its work.

This had some of the amused digital artists mumbling, "where's the beef?"

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