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Murphy, it's you!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Working on the weekends! That's how I roll! And apparently that's how Mike Fleming rolls, too, because he just confirmed that MGM has closed its deal with Joel Kinnaman (The Killing, Snabba Cash) to play their title character in the RoboCop remake.



He's been rumored, but as of this fine Saturday it's a done deal. Locked and loaded. We have our new Murphy. But the real question is how Jose Padilha handles the material. He's given a few interviews, including one with our own Nordling, and has mentioned that the core concept of a man losing his free will, being turned into a robot at the beck and call of a corporation, is what's fascinating to him about the project. He seems to shy away from trying to recapture the political satire of the original film.

I think that's just as much the identity of the original film as the man in the suit, to be honest, and with the geopolitical world the way it is right now... well, let's just say there's some really ripe and relavant material if they wanted to update that side of things as well.

I just hope they make it bloody as all hell and don't forget to have a ton of fun with the story. At the end of the day RoboCop is a fun movie that works on a few different levels, but it rides that line between goofy satire and hardcore sci-fi action brilliantly well.

Whoever they cast as the heavy is going to be a big deal, too. Gonna be mighty hard to top Kurtwood Smith and Ronny Cox in my estimation.

What do you folks think?


-Eric Vespe
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