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A detailed look at the "New" killer X-MEN trailer

OK X-geeks here it is the new improved kick-ass trailer for X-MEN. Agent Smith sent Father Geek this at 6pm Cool Standard Time, and if this isn't the real thing it damn sure ought to be...

"I'm telling you I saw it, here's what happens: There is black, and it fades to blue, then focus's from the S.O.L. overlooking New York, the blue faded into the ocean, and then it zooms in, and goes to a mansion, all along playing some soft no name music, and you Prof. Xavier, being pushed down some hallway, and you hear his thoughts. He says something like "My name is Charles Xavier, all my life I have been an outcast, and now found a purpose, I have been accepted by few. A new evil has risen, and I find myself in the middle of a war, with forces I can't control" something like that anyway, I was to excited to get word to word.

Then you see wolverine, cyclops, and jean for a short second, wolverine is hurt and is on the floor, cyclops by his side, and jean running, and then the music kicks in and goes techno and crazy, and there is some of the shots from the teaser, "senetor kelly?" rising from the water, Magneto taking away shotguns, and then the music stops, and goes back to Xavier.

"We're not your enemy" and then you see Rogue in here trench coat, as you saw in the pic, then the wall blows open next to her, and some more techno music, and it shows wolverine duck under a massive swing by saber tooth, and as he is about to dig his claws into him it cuts to storm, ants view, of her rising her arms and smoke and wind come from behind her, very cool looking, her eyes have no pupils, followed by another cut in music.

"We're not against you." music cuts in and you see jean using her telepathy, the camera swirls and fades to some more action, you see magneto full body in this HUGE machine, and electricity is emiting from it, then just a lot of wall breaking etc, then you see toad (HURRAY!) do a crazy move off the wall and drop down in front of some Xmen (the view is from behind the Xmen)then some sabertooth yelling, then you see mystique walk through an elevator?music cuts.

"We're not what you think. We are the X-Men." And then cyclops, in his hat (remember from the teaser? u saw him wearing a hat?) lifts his head and fires at the screen, blinding red light, and it shows a big X (poster) and then goes to the "comming July 24th" and all the names of the actors etc etc. Thats bout it. Believe me or not, not my problem, but I swear I saw it.

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