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SHOWEST: Harry sees THE LORD OF THE RINGS Stuff!!! Aaaaaagh... Cooooooooooooool!!!

Hey folks, Harry here. Just got back from the NEW LINE function and saw the first footage seen outside of NEW ZEALAND and NEW LINE...

It was about 2 and a half minutes long.

The center of the screen bursts out with red turmoiling fire as a rectangle divides the screen... deep red flames within. Elvish lettering forms... It's the 'ring writing'. An announcer's voice booms something to the effect of... "IT IS THE MOST WIDELY READ BOOK OF THE 20th CENTURY" and how it has never been brought to life on screen. (and most Tolkein fans would probably agree to that statement)

Glimpses of the 45 minute sell-video that Peter Jackson prepared to sell the series to NEW LINE appear. Gollum moving... sad and depressing. A pitiful creation with soultorn eyes. It is my feeling that this is the greatest cg character look I have ever seen. And I have said that before.

You see row after row after row of ORC armor... like I said before.. it screams Frank Frazetta... primal evil.

Then we begin seeing footage of characters as they appear in the film.

Gandalf aka Ian McKellen. Long greyish white beard, husky eyebrows... his nose... it is the nose of Gandalf, not McKellen... or at least I think so. Memories of a once seen 2 second flash. The pale bluish grey wizard hat... a glimpse of his gnarled staff off to one side. And those piercing eyes of Ian's.

Then... film footage of MASSIVE, much more finished than previously seen by me footage. A roaming army of a few hundred thousand orcs marching through Mordor. This is the shit your pants scene.

We see Legolas fighting atop the battlements, repelling attacking orcs... and I giggled as I knew somewhere... a mere camera pan away was Gimli hacking away.

We see the Cave Troll cg tests... gnards and all. We see the Ring Wraiths pursuing in the forest. The movement is not merely hooded things on horseback... there seemed to be a bit of etheral surreality to them.

We see Aragorn with that ol broken sword of his. We see the Fellowship darting about an amazing landscape, as if being pursued.

The music was from THE MESSENGER.

Folks, the film footage is lovely. The audienced roared it's approval. And...




Folks... this stuff is AMAZING! I talked with New Line about getting this stuff out there for you guys to see. Because there is no way in hell you'll be crapping on this stuff... it's exactly the right feel, look and tone.

It looks like they are going to be editing something together to break on the official LORD OF THE RINGS site. I didn't get a sense of when, but it seemed to be something they were wanting to work on.

After it was over, Moriarty let loose with a yelp of approval.

Me... it was time to change me undies.

BTW... Sean Astin looks great as Sam! Oh oh oh... the shot of Frodo deflecting a blade with Sting! Ehehehehehe... Fun fun fun!!!

I'm sure Moriarty is working on a much more calm and realized descriptive piece than me. But then, he was taking notes to help his failing memory. Come to think of it. I have a failed memory as well.

Till later...

Harry out.

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