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A Fan-Made Trailer For JOHN CARTER Sells The Movie Better Than Any Other Trailer So Far...

Nordling here.

I'm dying to see this movie, but it's because I know where JOHN CARTER comes from and how much so many other movies over the years have strip-mined those stories for their own.  Edgar Rice Burroughs' books are classics of the genre and well worth the read, and I know fans of the books are chomping at the bit to see this.

I want JOHN CARTER to succeed, if for nothing else that we get more of them.  Although everyone's embargoed (and I haven't seen it myself) the general vibe I've gotten from screenings has been positive to very positive.  This fan-made trailer seems to do what the official ones have not - sell the legacy of the stories as well as show how good the story is.  I like this trailer a lot, and Disney could do worse than just buy this trailer cut from this guy and release it.  Here's the trailer:

JOHN CARTER opens March 9th.

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