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Paco Plaza's REC 3: GENESIS is the Valentine's Day present for Horror Fans - This Special V-Day Trailer pulls its heart out for ya!

Hey folks, Harry here...  this is Valentine's Day.   We each celebrate in our own fashion.   Yoko got beautiful flowers, she's making Steak & Crab-Stuffed Potatoes for me...  We're going to watch Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS, which she's never seen on Blu-Ray - even though the poster is above our couch - and really, how can Valentine's Day get better than a love triangle with Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman and Claude Rains?   It can't.   But this is pretty fucking sweet.   So grab your chocolate, your ointments and massage the love right out this trailer for REC3: GENESIS...  Special Valentine's Day themed...  BONUS!

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