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Here's George Lucas & John Knoll talking about converting THE PHANTOM MENACE to 3D & why that's cooler than anything anyone can possibly ever really believe!

Hey folks, Harry here...  I like 3D.   I know.  Evil, press a Bible to my head, bring in Sydow.   Whatever.   I do tend to actually enjoy 3D.   There's an increasing reality that is beginning to face us movie fans... they're gonna be doing 3D conversions to all kinds of stuff.   I have to say, I'm morbidly fascinated by it.   I mean.  You just know that Warner Brothers has someone looking at doing a 3D of WIZARD OF OZ.  When they originally started selling theaters and critics on the notion of 3D as being a future established medium...  they did show conversions of old films.   I was frankly blown away by the STAR WARS Death Star Trench 3D.   BUT I just don't know if I could ever say that it is better because it is in 3D.  At best, I could state that it was fun to see it differently, but I do dearly love the original look to most every film.   I hope at the time of all these 3D Rereleases, that the studios also always offer classic 2D rereleases.   If 3D pays the bucks to get the real film back in theaters...  I feel the same rule should apply to remakes.   Studios should also make available and present the original film in theaters for exhibition.    Anyway, here's George and John to sell ya 3D STAR WARS....


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