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Ready for MACHETE KILLS, the reteaming of Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo?!?!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Deadline broke the news that Rodriguez is shooting a sequel to MACHETE called MACHETE KILLS...  the second of an announced trilogy that Rodriguez is planning.   This will be the next Rodriguez helmed film.  I haven't spoken with Robert about the film yet, but I'm hoping that it isn't a direct sequel, but rather a completely different type of MACHETE adventure.   Like those old DJANGO flicks or MAN WITH NO NAME films.   Or even Robert's own DESPERADO series.    It sounds like Robert won't be co-directing this one, like he did with Ethan Maniquis on MACHETE.   And that's encouraging to me.   I would love to see the Machete series kicked up several knotches - to being a more intense version of Machete's world.  Since he's going to be working for the U.S. Government on a mission, watching Trejo become his own particular BOND or FLINT would be awfully cool.   With an April start, I'm thinking this will probably be a 2013 release.   Curious to find out more.   

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