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A Bloody Red-Band Peek at Fantastic Fest Favorite LET THE BULLETS FLY

Hey everyone, "Monty Cristo" here.

Well Go USA wasn't done with the earlier clip from WAR OF THE ARROWS. They decided to throw the LET THE BULLETS FLY teaser trailer at us as well.

Chow Yun-Fat stars, paired alongisde director Jiang Wen.

The tone of this teaser gets...goofy at times, but that's very accurate to the movie. The sense of humor may turn some people off, but the action is the real reason most will give it a look. I really enjoyed the film last fall. Think of it as a Chinese comedy western with a side of malarkey.

Chow plays a good-fer-nothin' bandit who masquerades as a small town mayor. Jiang plays his rival, a local who thinks Chow "just ain't right". Lots of bullets fly (as seen below).

What do you guys think?



"Monty Cristo"


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