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To round things out, here's the Super Bowl spot for The Lorax!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. So, I slept through the Super Bowl this year. Night Owl syndrome + 6am flight to Portland on Tuesday = an all nighter (dayer in my case) trying to make sure I'm not dead for my set visit. Which means I come back to see all the awesome spots (How great is that Avengers spot? I hear internally Marvel considers it their crown jewel, the best movie they've ever made, which has me geeky-excited) and then... The Lorax.

Dr. Seuss was a huge part of my childhood, but that's like saying as a kid I breathed air. Dr. Seuss was on every child's bookshelf and if it wasn't you need to have some words with your asshole parents.

Having said that, none of the Suess movies interest me one little bit. There's something creepy about bringing Seuss to life that's not even creepy-interesting to me.

Here's the Super Bowl Spot for The Lorax featuring Danny De Vito who seems to be giving it his best at the very least.



So, for all you completists out there, I think that's just about every Spot. Excuse me while go back to The Avengers spot a couple dozen more times and nod my head in agreement with the John Carter spot (the first look at the movie I've had that gives me hope for the adaptation).

-Eric Vespe
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