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Harry's read this new EVIL DEAD script - and yeah, takes more after EVIL DEAD the original...

Hey folks, Harry here...  Talking about scripts of films yet to be shot is always a tricky affair.   Especially since things change between the time a draft is finished and the filmmaking process in general.   Take for example the tone of the script.   When a deadite screams out a blasphemy of an extremely personal nature...  it can be read as straight shocking horror, as if little Regan is in bed about bloodily fuck herself with a crucifix...   or it can be sung out in a tormenting teasing giggly manner as we have seen in some of the EVIL DEAD franchise.   

That said, the overall tone of the script seems to be seriously scary.   When you read that MIA is the new ASH for this EVIL DEAD reboot...  I do have to say, that is a very loose comparison.   She doesn't work at S-MART, in fact there is no S-MART.   I will also say, that the lovely Jane Levy...  I'm betting she got the part by committing to a rather radical diet and weightloss campaign because her character of MIA is the reason everyone is at this cabin.   Mia is a drug addict, rail thin as described.   A shadow of a person.   She perches on countertops as if she were a cat, slips into rooms unseen...  and that's before anything wicked has occurred.   Her older brother, David, left her to be with her crazy and deathly sick mother - and never came back.  Their relationship is strained.  The sort of relationship where they love each other, but there's unsaid things that create a space between each other when they look at one another.  A brother that leads his own life, while putting his little sister through a bit of hell...   

For about the first 40 pages of the script, we're basically being introduced to the 5 characters that have come to help save MIA's life.   David doesn't really know how serious Mia's drug addiction has become.   Her friends clue him in - and one of the 5 is a nurse that has worked through cold turkey cases in hospitals and wants to spare MIA the condemnation that she's experienced patients going through in places like that, thus...  the old family cabin.   Yes, Raimi's car is actually in the script.   So be happy.

As MIA begins suffering the withdrawl symptoms - she begins to actually experience some of the phenomenon's associated with another idiot in the cabin, who like a complete dumb fuck, has of course begun reading out passages from the Necronomican.   Why people would ever read out loud text written in blood in a book bound with the skin of a human screaming face...  well, it's beyond me.   But if you're a character in an EVIL DEAD movie, you're gonna do it.   And shit will hit fans everywhere.

Once the shit has started... you'll get most of what you love about this universe.  Characters that become possessed, using their visage to torment their loved ones.   Their faces transforming into horrible visages, eyes going black.   Just...  to be honest - as written, this script is tougher than EVIL DEAD.  The things that the possessed do, as described...  shaving off parts of their faces with shards of broken mirror...  But acting as though it is nothing.   Like it is a basic grooming act.   It gets real real nasty.  

Now - where MIA & ASH depart from one another.   What doesn't seem to go down, is the heroic transformation in to Deadite-AssKicker supreme.   So don't expect warrior princess stuff.   She does get into it.  She will wield a chainsaw - but you won't see her in the toolshed, rigging up a device to attach it to her stub while saying the word, "GROOVY".   

There are moments that she could grab some iconography...  but her character is just intrinsically different from ASH.   

What this absolutely feels like is EVIL DEAD 1, but played even more realistic.   Is that what it'll be at the end of the day?  I don't know.   If I heard they hired KNB and were going to do very little CG, my confidence would grow.  There's something about the fx of the original films that just works for the universe they created - the sound design, the editing concepts, the wierd insane energy they got from putting a camera on a board and running around at ground level with it.   There's so much that goes into the making of a proper EVIL DEAD film besides just having a really solid script.   

This is a very emotional EVIL DEAD film...  and the original was emotional too.   It's just a different starting point, different characters...  but the horror they are forced to endure is terrible.   The amount of hurt going on here is just excruciating.   But the script reads like NC-17 - especially if you have my sick imagination.   But at the end of the day...  it will SWALLOW YOUR SOUL, as a good EVIL DEAD story should.   

One last thing that I want to talk about is this.   I am not entirely sure that this film is starting THE EVIL DEAD story over.   In fact, I suppose you could just believe that the book gathered itself back together - that the cabin didn't get destroyed when ASH got sucked into the distant mythological past.   And we could be headed to a MIA eventually having a sequel where she'll have a chance to pucker for the Bruce.   But that sugar is being saved for another story.   Or perhaps not at all.   

At the very least, it looks like Raimi & Campbell want to play in this universe with a younger set - and if that's what it takes to get that universe kicking ass again, I'm cautiously optimistic.   The real curiousity is how Fede Alvarez shoots this beast.  I've seen his awesome short film...  but that's not at all what he's written here.   On the page, this reads like an EVIL DEAD flick, now that poor bastard has to shoot this thing and beat the fuck out of his actors.   I hope Raimi and Campbell are off camera throwing shit at everyone's heads.   As it should be.

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