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Who needs some comedy? I do! Thankfully these guys below are here to save the day!


"George needs to get to his son Billy's Birthday. He hits some obstacles but finds a little bit about himself along the way."

Billy's Birthday from Thomas on Vimeo.


"A young man, Johnny Smith, goes to confess his sins, but the priest seems to be more interested in gossiping about the local women than granting him absolution."

Check out more from Hefferon here:



"Two men. 10,000 1p sweets. 1 kiss."

The Gelatine Kiss from Brett Harvey on Vimeo.

My god what a perfect ending to go out on. Welp, that’s the last show of the day. Next Saturday, will be massively different than this and last week's selection.

I’d like to thank everyone who has and is continuing to shoot their shorts at me. As I mentioned above, just because you didn’t see your short today, it could pop up next week or the week after that! Keep them coming!


- Mike McCutchen



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