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The making of the WOOLA Cake for the JOHN CARTER wrap party...

Hey folks, Harry here...  I love stuff like this.   I don't watch ACE OF CAKES that often...  since being diagnosed as Diabetic...  it's just a torturous thing to do to one's self.   That said, I do love custom cake sculptures.   There's just something kind of magic about the idea that someone puts this kind of effort into a sculpture that is meant to be consumed voraciously...   NOW, add to that the notion of sculpting the greatest martian calot of all time.   WOOLA, John Carter's faithful "dog" - if done right, WOOLA will be a star by the time JOHN CARTER is done.   If not...  It'll just be so sad.   Personally, from what I'm hearing, WOOLA was nailed for this movie.   WOOLA was important enough to the production, that when they decided to have their big wrap party, from shooting in the UK...  they chose WOOLA to turn into the cake that the cast and crew would feast upon.

What a crazy cool cake.   Burroughs geeks should be amazed that such a pastry beast was ever created!   Amazing.

Oh and while I'm at it, here's a JOHN CARTER Featurette that is made for kids, seen on Disney Channel and its like...


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