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Want to check out 9 minutes of McG's THIS MEANS WAR with Bane, Kirk & Reese...

Hey folks, Harry here...   I've been interested in THIS MEANS WAR, from the moment I first heard the cast, premise and director.   I might have come down like a cannonball from the high diving board upon McG's TERMINATOR SALVATION, but the reality is...  Usually, I really dig his shit.   McG makes handsome fun fluffy films that have the capacity to be really entertaining popcorn kind of flicks.   He fetishizes action, men, women, everything.   Below is a 9 minute look, thanks to the French, from THIS MEANS WAR.   It is basically a series of scenes cut together - but you get a really good idea for the sort of...  SPY VS SPY rip that this thing is, but instead of it being about placing bombs, it's about winning the girl.  And tormenting your best friend.   I kind of love that.   

Here ya go...

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