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An Intriguing Potential STAR WARS UNDERWORLD Plot Point!?!?


Merrick here...

To be extremely clear here, this information comes to us from an untested source - who did provide some reasonable context for how he came across the tidbit I'm about to share. I've frequently found that the best way to establish "credible" / "reliable" sourcing is to throw their initial contributions into the fray and see what happens.  So with this disclaimer in mind, here we go...with fingers crossed.  

Daniel contacted us with the following newslet about the long-in-development STAR WARS live action television series.  Presumably, he's referring to the show whose title we recently learned was STAR WARS UNDERWORLD.  








Daniel tells us that one of the series' first episodes will involve a group of  bandits acquiring the capability of time travel, and using it to travel back in time to stop Darth Vader from ever existing.  

This is certainly in keeping with past indications we've heard about the show - that it would involve the "darker" side of the STAR WARS universe, criminal factions, Empire building, etc.  While "time travel" is relatively new to the film and television canon of the STAR WARS universe, it's a factor that has at least been acknowledge/discussed in the franchise's "Extended Universe" (details HERE).  As such, its potential inclusion in this show is not as remarkable as one might initially believe.   

What do you think?  Are we ready for time travel in the STAR WARS mythos, or might its presence provide an irresistible temptation for Lucas to organically revise STAR WARS history even further?  


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