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Vera Farmiga joins the Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson biopic THE DRUMMER!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Up front, the very first concert I went to was The Beach Boys. Growing up in a baby boomer household I didn't really have a choice, but to be weened off of '60s rock. Fine by me. I have very vivid, very fond memories of listening to a Best of Beach Boys tape over and over again to make sure I knew at least a few of the songs by heart by the time I went to the concert.

The only thing I really remember from the concert itself was standing on my seat and dancing along when the adults in front of me got up and blocked my view.

This film, The Drummer, is about Dennis Wilson, who died before I was around to stand on my seat and rock along to Surfin' USA, and Aaron Eckhart is slated to play him (awesome casting). That was apparently known, but that particular bit of news passed me by when it hit.

The new news, per Hollywood Reporter, is that Vera Farmiga has joined the film, playing Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie in the film which focuses on the last 6 years of Dennis Wilson's life.

The man led a fascinating life... the dude hung with Charles Manson and his "family" years before the murder of Sharon Tate, for instance. I doubt any of that will be touched on in the film, but there's an amazing amount of material for writer Jody Savin and director Randall Miller to mine.


-Eric Vespe
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