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Bobcat Goldthwait's napalm hot satire GOD BLESS AMERICA has a trailer... here...

Hey folks, Harry here with GOD BLESS AMERICA's trailer.   This was the one film I got to see at TORONTO's INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.   I love this film.  Watching it at Toronto's Midnight Madness was just amazing.  The audience, Drew McWeeny's laughter right behind me...  and points where I literally felt like I was hyperventilating laughing at the film...  or how my hands hurt applauding various monologues that just sear the ridiculous point at which American culture has hit.   Bobcat is the clown we need for times like these.   Where we watch as Goldthwait uses Joel Murray as the exposed nerve of America.   Saying the things that Politicians and people that get in front of cameras are often times too fucking afraid to say.   That there is something rotting at the core of us.   The values of the media (rightwing & leftwing) just seem to be leading the country wrong.  Watching this film, while I laughed, I couldn't help but agree.  This is velvety black satire.   Honestly, having seen it cold, not knowing a thing about it, I wouldn't have wanted to see a poster or a trailer.   I'm an optimist about life in general, but there's an awful lot of this film that just rang bitterly true.   Check it out when and if you have the chance.  Bobcat did amazing work here.


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