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Who will warn Will Robinson now? Dick Tufeld, the voice of LOST IN SPACE's Robot is silenced...

Hey folks, Harry here...  The sad news that Dick Tufeld, the voice of LOST IN SPACE's B9 - that awesome looking robot that followed Will Robinson around - and was often a brilliant straight bot to Jonathan Harris' cowardly & selfish plots.   How many times have we flailed our arms about while shouting in that particular tone, "DANGER DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER!!!"   I've done that...  an awful lot.   In a trivia sense, I knew that Dick Tufeld was the voice of "The Robot" but I was not familiar with the whole of his work, until he passed on.

My father has collected robots my entire life, so Robot trivia is something we communicate with, but in all that time, I didn't know it was his voice narrating the MARY POPPINS trailer or that he was the voice of WALT DISNEY'S WONDERFUL WORLD OF COLOR.   Dick Tufeld also shared my birthday, December 11th!  I had no idea I shared my birthday with the voice of the ROBOT from LOST IN SPACE!   That rules!!!  He was ever present audibly on Irwin Allen's VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, TIME TUNNEL and the most beloved, LOST IN SPACE.

I for one will continue to hear the voice of Dick Tufeld as I endlessly enjoy the nostalgic joy of his work.  I have wanted a full size B9, my entire life.  Now that I know we share a birthday...  I can begin the process of wanting it desperately from here on.   Watch this tribute to LOST IN SPACE and discover it focuses quite a bit on our collective favorite TV robot of all time!

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