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Wes Bentley up for the role of Lestat in QUEEN OF THE DAMNED

Hey folks, Harry here. Over at Hollywood Reporter they're talking about the negotiations a going on between Wes Bentley and the producers of QUEEN OF THE DAMNED. Which if memory serves is the third in Anne Rice's Vampire trilogy and has Lestat as a 'rock star' type that wakes up the title character. I don't think we'll have any arguement about the intensity lacking in Wes Bentley's eyes.. as they are high beam halogens in intensity... and there's a dangerous edge there. What this would mean though... possibly... would be that it could possibly take him out of contention (if he ever was in) for SPIDER-MAN. Personally, I've always pictured him as more of a young Bruce Wayne, than a Peter Parker... his eyes are too wild and scary for Parker methinks... So... It looks like we got some legitimate movement on this project which has seemed to have been languishing for quite some time. The deal isn't done yet... it's done to the greenbacks though...

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