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Nearly An Hour Of Sony's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Tokyo Press Conference...

Merrick here...


Japan is the first territory in which Marc Webb's THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will therefore seems appropriate that one of the first press conferences for the film just happened in Tokyo, where evidently the movie was screened!?!?

Mr. Japanjpp has uploaded 58ish minutes of one of these Tokyo press conferences to YouTube.  Nothing terribly revealing herein, although the discussion does shed light on the picture's overall approach (the interconnectivity and interrelationship of some of its characters, director Webb's preference for using practical effects and stuntwork whenever possible, how Gwen Stacy is portrayed in the film, and much more.  Plus, it's always very trippy hearing Andrew Garfield speaking with his accent. that a snippet of James Horner's score for the film playing as the actors take the stage sty the beginning of the conference?  

Thanks to Captain Wiggly for pointing us towards this...




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