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Because There Were No Other Good Ideas To Be Found ANYWHERE In Hollywood, We Get...A BRUCE ALMIGHTY Sequel!!


Merrick here...

Universal is looking to resurrect BRUCE ALMIGHTY - the 2003 film which found Jim Carrey's television reporter Bruce Nolan compaining too much about God, only to be given God's powers as a lesson.  

Given the current creative climate in the industry, one would logically assume that they'd go back to the drawing boards here and re-build the concept from scratch.  However, current plans seem to call for the new film to return Jim Carrey in the lead.  

The studio is in talks with the scripting team of Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel ("Hot Tub Time Machine," "Yes Men") to write a followup to the 2003 hit "Bruce Almighty."

...per THIS piece in Variety.  
In 2007, Steve Carell reprised is 'Evan Baxter' role from BRUCE ALMIGHTY for a spinoff entitled EVAN ALMIGHTY.  


BRUCE earned 'round $484 million globally...EVAN earned 'round $173 million.  No word on if Morgan Freeman will reprise his God role again, or whether Carrey's girlfirend in BRUCE...Jennifer Aniston...will be back.


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