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So... The Live-Action STAR WARS TV Show Is Still Happening, And Its Title Is...

Nordling here.

That's right.  It's called STAR WARS: NORDLING HERE.  I'm honored, frankly.

Okay, it's called STAR WARS: UNDERWORLD.  Sheesh.  It's supposedly going to be about the fringes of the STAR WARS universe, where the gangsters, the bounty hunters, the assassins, and the smugglers get together and have tea and talk of memories past.  Oh yeah, and probably shoot each other and commit all sorts of galactic larceny.  UNDERWORLD doesn't sound too inspired (I would have gone with SCUM AND VILLAINY myself, considering the subject matter) but since they suposedly have 50 episodes written already they seem to know what they're doing at this point.  Thanks to IGN for the information, which you can get from their video here:

Nordling, out.

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