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JUAN OF THE DEAD Gets Distribution!

Nordling here.

This news makes me happy.  Variety is reporting tonight that Alejandro Brugues' JUAN OF THE DEAD, the Cuban zombie comedy - which is competely awesome, by the way; it made my top 10 list for 2011 - has been added to Focus Features U.S. release slate.  JUAN OF THE DEAD will see distribution through Focus World, Focus Features' digital distribution arm.

I think JUAN OF THE DEAD has the potential to do terrific business, especially in Latin American communities, but it's just a great movie and deserves to be seen everywhere.  It's played festivals the world over, including Fantastic Fest, to great response and I'm glad that you all will have the opportunity to see it.  If you're a genre fan you'll want to check out this unique voice in filmmaking, and Brugues has made a movie about a world that we here in the States rarely get to see.  Congratulations to Alejandro Brugues and to Focus Features.

Nordling, out.

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