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Now for AB King's X-MAS Present - a BULLET TO THE HEAD? Well, kinda!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Another film that I'm really looking forward to in 2012, is Walter Hill's return to the big screen with the comic adaptation of BULLET TO THE HEAD starring Sylvester Stallone who loses his partner due to the bad guys.   The Bad guys also piss off FAST & THE FURIOUS star, HAN aka Sung Kang... aka the coolest fucker in that series.   Sung is playing a hitman who also loses his partner and teams up with Sly to unleash a few bullets, I bet.   The film also stars Jason Momoa & Christian Slater.  I'm dying to see a trailer for this.  It comes out Friday the 13th of April, 2012 - where it will face CABIN IN THE WOODS - a truly tremendous film and Fox's questionable THREE STOOGES revamp.  So AB King, Merry Christmas...  

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