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The BNAT13WOLF Twitter TV Spot for Joe Carnahan's hunk of badass man cinema called THE GREY appears!

Hey folks, Harry here...   Yesterday, I get this text message from Joe Carnahan asking me if I'd like to premiere this 60second spot for his upcoming film, THE GREY, which blew folks' socks off at BUTT-NUMB-A-THON, 2 weeks ago.    The spot quotes various Internet Bloggers, both AICN and not, that fell mancrush in love with THE GREY.   This is a hardcore man versus nature work of cinema, that deals with the psychology, the desperation and the power that comes from an intense survival film.   In a way, think of this like a really practical version of ALIENS.   But instead of pure popcorn, it had a bit of that Kurosawa scripted soul from RUNAWAY TRAIN that Andrey Konchalovskiy directed and still hold my favorite Jon Voight performance.   Here, it is Liam Neeson, who just transcends...

So, without further pomp - just let me tell you - SEE THIS MOVIE.   


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