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GOD HELP THE GIRL, but while we wait on that help, let's help some too!

Hey folks, Harry here...  we sit around and complain a lot about the lack of originality - a desire to see more varied artists to make films for us...   and KICKSTARTER is an amazing tool to help give these filmmakers a leg up.   To give them their shot at bat.  This is the first of two projects that I'm going to write about today that need your help and participation to create films that we can hopefully one day see.

Do you know Stuart Murdoch?   Leader of the Indie band, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN?   For me, BELLE AND SEBASTIAN and THE MAGNETIC FIELDS were the two groups that Yoko introduced me to in our first few dates that made me fall magically and permanently in love with her.   In 2009, when Stuart Murdoch released the album, GOD HELP THE GIRL...  Yoko and I had it playing in our car for the better part of 2 years.  We sang all the songs - and felt like it was our secret album.    We felt that everyone should be singing these songs.   Yoko told me that Stuart Murdoch was trying to make a film musical using the songs from GOD HELP THE GIRL along with a bevy of unreleased material that will be in the film.   I'm dying.   

Did you love the indie musical ONCE?   I'm hoping that this film is even more magical.   For one, the songs are amazing.   Swooning songs that you can sing with a smile and a wistful far away look in your eyes.   

So - as you can see in the above video, Stuart has mega-producer Barry Mendel who worked with Wes Anderson beginning with RUSHMORE...  and M. Night Shymalan with THE SIXTH SENSE.   He's also worked with Spielberg on MUNICH.   Mendel tends to make and support really great filmmakers and projects.   This is not the exception.   

Personally, I'm going to see if I can budget $1000, just so I can take Yoko to Glasgow to visit the set.   There are very few projects right now that I am as singularly excited as I am for this one!

Listen to the music, watch the videos and read the bits over at GOD HELP THE GIRL's official website.   See if you get caught in the dream of this project.   If you do...  help make it a reality.   The world will be a better place with GOD HELP THE GIRL in it, on our screens and in our theaters.

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