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Confirmed: Benicio Del Toro's Role In STAR TREK 2 Is...


... nonexistent 'cuz he ain't gonna be in the movie! He's out!

Beaks here with breaking news from the good folks over at Vulture. According to their sources, talks broke down last Wednesday between Benicio Del Toro's people and Paramount due to, what else, money. Wednesday is key here, since it was last Friday when J.J. Abrams told HitFix's Drew McWeeny it was "not true" that - as alleged by Latino Review - Del Toro would be playing Khan in STAR TREK 2. Basically, Abrams's terse response was in reference to Latino Review's entire story, not specifically to the notion that Khan is the villain in STAR TREK 2.

So feel free to speculate anew! Is Khan in STAR TREK 2? (Vulture agrees with Latino Review that he is.) Who should play him? (Luis Guzman.) And, given that this is a completely different timeline, will he indeed be a villain?

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