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Alice Eve to give STAR TREK 2 some needed 3D contours!!!

Hey folks, Harry here...  trapped at the computer all day dealing with BNAT craziness as this story popped and figured... let's get that up.   The first thing I thought when VARIETY hit with the story was...  who is ALICE EVE?

OK - I'm interested.   Oh shit, that's the girl from ENTOURAGE's last season.   She's also cast in THE RAVEN.   Variety seems to think that she's going to be playing an entirely new character in STAR TREK canon...   though...  I'd just about love it if Benicio Del Toro was cast as Gary Mitchell and Alice Eve was cast as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner...   but then, I'm just a hopeless classic Trek geek.   Whatever, I bet something terrible happens to her character.   Beautiful ladies don't last long around a character named Captain Kirk unless they're permanent CREW.    SO I bet this character will have to endure at least one moment of Kirk taking his shirt off.   One chaste kiss.   And something terrible will happen.   

So - what do you think of seeing Alice Eve in 3D in JJ's STAR TREK 2?

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