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Father of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and the rest of the PEANUTS has passed on, along with Roger Vadim

Hey folks, Harry here. I'm back in the U.S. Back here at Geek Headquarters... and the first thing I have to pass on to you is this... Charles Schulz has passed away. I really don't even have the words to cover this personally. I have met Chuck on many occassions as a child. I sat and watched him draw for hours and tell stories at San Diego and Detroit. When I was living a rather dark period of my life, his paperback collections of the PEANUTS' adventures... kept me a happy boy. Well... I'm gonna go now. I have some paperbacks to dig out....



It's 11:30 p.m. California time. The local news just announced that Charles Schulz, creator of "Peanuts" has died.

Since he is a local celebrity, they got the news first. Expect AP and CNN and others to cover it soon.



FATHER GEEK here with a brief statement about CHARLES SCHULZ' death and life. I am very touched by this as are a huge amount of the American public, no make that the worldwide public because Schulz and his creations were known and loved in every country of this world we all share. Toys, Coloring books, Lunch boxes, Dolls, Valentines, Toothbrushes, Stuffed Animals, TV shows, Books, Comic Books, Daily & Weeky Newspaper Comic Strips, and even Feature Motion Pictures have combined to spread his loviable creations into every corner, every home on our planet, and SNOOPY is right up there with Mickey Mouse as one of the most recogonized characters in history. When Harry was 1 or 2 years old we picked up an animation cel of Snoopy ice skating for him and hung it in his room over his bed, it stayed there well into his twenties. In the early 1970's every comicbook convention in the country would have a major comic strip artist as a guest who would give a "chalktalk", drawing their characters 2 feet high on oversized artist tablets while recanting some of their adventures for the audience. We were lucky enough to catch some of the immortals; Al (Lil Abner) Capp, Milton (Terry and the Pirates) Caniff, Walt (Pogo) Kelly, and perhaps the greatest of them all, Charles Schulz, doing these performances. Though I haven't seen Chuck in many years in person his life's lessons, his simple little cartoon stories have always been there to lend a hand with life's bumps and I will miss him greatly.

On another sad note, the great French Director Roger Vadim has also just died. Probably best remembered in the United States as the Director of BARBARELLA starring his then wife Jane Fonda, he also gave us AND GOD CREATED WOMAN featuring another of his wifes, Brigitte Bardot. He made LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES with yet another wife, Annette Stroyberg and he discovered and took as his lover the great Catherine Deneuve when she was 17 and they made 2 films including VICE AND VIRTURE. He also made movies with several other beauties, including Jeanne Moreau,Angie Dickinson, and Susan Sarandon. His creative spark and love of life will be sorely missed around the world.


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