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Empire has the first official DARK KNIGHT RISES cover photos of BATMAN & BANE!

Hey folks, Harry here...  last night, Empire began a hit-a-thon to incrementally vote on which of their covers would be revealed first.   BANE won, and BATMAN is still waiting to be completely uncovered, but enough is exposed to get the full idea.   BANE is obviously the one that holds the most interest.  I love the bumps and irritation on Bane's skin.   It's creepy looking.  I can't wait to see how Tom Hardy plays this.  Honestly, I would love to not hear a word of dialogue from him until the theater.  I bet Hardy kills this.   Literally all other aspects of the film are a blur in the background for me.   Much like for the last film, it was all about dying to see Heath do his Joker.   Here we have an actor that in every single film he takes the throat of the viewer and clinches ever so slightly...  holding you in suspense.   Big fan of the man!  Great actor - and I just know that Nolan is going to make this rock so hard.   Here's the BANE cover - click above to see the BATMAN one...


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