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Now with the Trailer!!! The Poster For The Three-Dimensionalization Of TITANIC Is Here!!

Harry here, decorating Puffs with my nose drippings...  eating chicken soup and checking out the trailer for the 3D TITANIC.   Very curious to see how this looks in 3D.

Merrick here...

James Cameron's TITANIC is being converted to 3D and released to theaters in April.  

The film's Facebook page brings us a poster for the project.  A nice, clean, simple, poignant moment - much more impactful than some of the crappy photoshop posters we've recently seen for other films. 

I'm neither a huge fan of this movie or a proponent of the 3D in general, but I must confess to being extremely curious to see what Cameron & Co. have up their sleeves with this one.  





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